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Panta rhei

Ål, Ål kommune, Buskerud, Norway
2.4km|15m ◢ ◣ 237m|20.06.2019


Two complete different characters make this trail unique.

From the start of the descent, at the Rosengardshovda, you have a nice view over the high plateaus, and into the mountains.

The trail starts not steep, with awesome turns, and a great flow. As it comes into the woods, it becomes technical. The trail is not steep, and traverses the hillside, but there are many rocks that make it necessary to properly look ahead to find your line. Then you can roll through almost every section. You have to work your bike a lot though. Lot of fun in this "flow-tech" part.

Upper part green, lower part red.


Tour that combines three of the best trails in Ål: https://trailguide.net/4791

Top of the trail, the Rosengardshovda in the background. Very flowy trail with nice turns through the low bushes of the high plateau.
Photo: Peter Seidl
Climb to the Rosengardshovda
Photo: Peter Seidl

Latest reviews

Peter Seidl rated Pantarei very good. Awesom trail with two completely different characters! The upper part is the best natural flow trail with great corners in the open terrain. As you come into the forest it becomes tricky. The trail is flat and with many rocks it becomes quite difficult. Looking ahead and finding a good line, working the bike actively to keep up the momentum is key! Then this part gets a very enjoyable flow tech section.19.aug.2020
Bernt Ivar Bergum rated Pantarei good. Første del fra Rosengardshovda er fantastisk, i lett terreng. Stien blir mer utfordrende i siste del. 5.aug.2020
Knut Myking rated Pantarei good. Dette er ein flott tur og stig. Det er fint å kombinere ein tur her med nettverket av stigar over tregrensa. Det går også stig vidare tvers over vegen du treff i botn. Eg anbefaler å parkere bil på ved hyttefelt Primhovda eller på Idretssplassen i Kvinnegardslia, 100m til venstre for avfallscontainer ved asfaltveg. Ved å sykle Kroktjødnvegen blir det ein fin runde.27.aug.2019

Latest reports

Peter Seidl reported the conditions at Panta rhei as very good. 2.oct.2021
Børge Jensen reported the conditions at Panta rhei as perfect. Et eventyr av en flytsti 😍25.sep.2021